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An outbox is where outgoing messages are stored. Drafts are not saved in the outbox folder. Each outgoing message gets stored in your outbox.

After you sent the message double click on the mail to open it.

To go back click outbox section.

To forward the outgoing message click back arrow.

To copy the link, click the link button.

To copy code for a web drop or web pick up, if you want to host a message on your website click the arrow button.

To delete a message, select the file and then click the delete button.

You can filter all outgoing messages by type: All, Received, Sync, Web Drops, Chats from the drop-down menu on the header.

Search Here will allow you to search a word or phrase from all outgoing messages.

To Delete the outgoing message, mark the box to your left and then press delete button.

To move back and forward between different pages, push the arrows right/left from the header.