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The Strategy of Deploying Cloud in Your Company

It is important to identify the priorities of deploying private clouds, why you chose it and going through the whole strategy. If the goal is to keep your data private, then the whole operational process should be secure and without any leaks.

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Binfer Enterprise File Sync and Share

Binfer Enterprise Sync solution doesn’t use the cloud, instead of creating a direct device-to-device connection between devices. This establishes a ‘Private Cloud’ network where only authorized devices can participate in direct device synchronization.

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Secure File Share for Business

Secure file sharing software can change your life forever. Binfer is a new take on fast file transfer. And it is different from the main file sharing cloud services such as Dropbox, WeTransfer and Google Drive.

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Binfer 5.1 Released

Binfer, a secure communication and file sharing software, announced today the launch of its latest desktop application, Binfer Desktop Version 5.1. The debut of its latest release comes with many new features that will improve user experience and continue Binfer’s march towards freeing the world of slow and insecure cloud-based data transfer solutions.

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